Browse our range of stunning Spanish socks, tights, shoes and accessories. With Spanish socks and tights from brands such as Condor and Carlomagno. We have many different styles, sizes and colours. Choose from:

      • Knee high open weave bow socks
      • Side bow socks
      • Faux fur & pom pom socks
      • Pom Pom socks
      • Plain Ribbed socks
      • Ankle high open weave bow socks

      There's literally a rainbow of colours to choose from, including the eternal favourites white, navy blue, baby blue, red and camel through to new colours like sea blue, mauve, lemon and ivory.

      Our Spanish tights range includes styles such as:

      • Wide rib tights for boys
      • Unisex wide rib tights with pom poms
      • Side bow tights
      • Open weave tights with grossgrain bow for girls

      We have a plethora of colours. You can't fail to find a pair to fall in love with.

      Shop our range of Babidu vests in multiple different colours, styles and sizes. We have:

      • Long and short sleeve Peter Pan collared vests
      • Long and short sleeve frilly collar vests

      There a lots of trim colours to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice!

      Finally, don't forget to find the perfect pair of traditional Spanish shoes or sandals, for that finishing touch to the perfect outfit you've found here at Bows Baby Boutique.